Horse-centered therapy is dynamic therapy, engaging all parts of the mind, body and soul for a truly integrated therapeutic experience...which is exactly why it works!

Therapeutic Riding

PATH International certified instructors teach basic horseback riding and handling skills to children, teens and adults challenged by disabilities and special needs in a group setting to enhance physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral development.

Physical Therapy (Hippotherapy)

Licensed physical therapists use this fun and effective treatment tool to improve functional outcomes and pain management for clients working to overcome the effects of cerebral palsy, cerebral vascular accident, TBI, functional spinal curvatures, sensory integrative dysfunction and impairments related to stroke, MS, etc.

Mental Health

Credentialed mental health professionals provide one-on-one equine-facilitated, experiential psychotherapy sessions for individuals, couples and families that address clearly established treatment goals and objectives for emotional growth and learning.

Veterans Horsemanship

Veterans, active duty military personnel, and families partner with horses to overcome the effects of PTSD, TBI, amputation and other combat-related injuries by learning riding and handling skills for improved mental health, physical rehabilitation and social integration.

Healing Reins offers nationally accredited programs that are safe, effective and fun for children, teens and adults of all ages and abilities. Therapeutic horseback riding, carriage driving, physical therapy, mental health services and other horse-centered therapies change lives. Get involved today!


Two beautiful percheron horses portrait in autumn