The Healing Reins Sensory Integration Trail consists of multiple activity stations designed to promote and enhance sensory learning. All activities integrate and enhance the senses of sight, smell, hearing and touch while presenting learning opportunities in new and exciting ways. Accessible from horseback, the stations encourage purposeful exploration in an outdoor setting and are an integral tool utilized in treatment for Hippotherapy clients.

With beautiful Mt. Bachelor as backdrop, riders of all ages can amble peacefully along the Sensory Integration Trail enjoying the Central Oregon scenery.

Designed and implemented by Mark McGarigal and the Summit High School Advanced Biology Class and Roots & Shoots Program, the trail was also made possible by the following station sponsors, HRTRC volunteers and generous donors:

- Betty Hale
-Caroline DeOlden
-Faith Run Farms
-Mike Warren Construction
-Backstrom Builders
-Pete Peterson
-Kevin Baney
-Round Tree Lodge Pole Products
-Fagen Trees and Chips
-Jim Weaver, Alta Tree Service
-Spring River Tree Service
-Healing Bridge Physical Therapy