Program Descriptions-Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center

1. Adaptive Riding

Description: Teaches all aspects of basic horse preparation, care and riding skills to people who experience disabilities and special needs. Grooming, tacking, warm-ups and mounted activities promote physical & cognitive function, strength, balance and coordination as well as self esteem, self awareness and leadership skills.

2. Hippotherapy(Physical Therapy on horseback)

Description: In partnership with Healing Bridge Physical Therapy, we deliver this classic treatment approach utilizing the movement of the horse to enhance neuro-muscular function and sensory processing. Licensed physical therapist facilitates. Certified instructor handles the horse.

3. Freestyle (Therapeutic Vaulting)

Description: Freestyle Riding is gymnastics on horseback. This program offers the vaulting expertise, curriculum, horses and equipment to learn every aspect of this sport adapting the competitive model to embrace all types of learners. Set to music, this is an engaging and instructional series of lessons designed to stimulate imagination, balance, strength and flexibility.


4. Therapeutic Carriage Driving(Summer 2014)

Description: This program offers students who may not be appropriate to ride (due to weight,balance, fear of heights, or other complications/contraindications) a way to interact with horses and learn and learn new skills while driving from a carriage. Benefits include providing the student with a distinct range of movements and a vast set of motor-sensory experience designed to enhance communication and coordination.

5. Taking the Reins

Description: This program includes both mounted and non-mounted lessons and is designed for children and adults who experience special needs that may include, but are not limited to, ADHD, trauma and abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS/PTSD), depression, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, adjustment disorder, attachment disorder. The following programs are based on this model are:

* Family Therapy

* Horsemanship

* Equine-assisted Psychotherapy

* Equine Services for Heroes

* High Hopes Cancer Survivorship Support Groups

* Corporate Training/Team building

Please contact Polly Cohen, Program Director at (541)382-9410 for more specific information regarding programs.