Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding  (HRTRC) Application Process

Applying to be a participant at HRTRC is a three-step process-application, submission and orientation. 

First, complete the application HRTRC Participation Packet-2015 Schedule.pdf which includes three (3) main forms: the Participation Application, Participant Release forms (these are filled out by you) and the Medical History and Physician form (which is filled out by your physician).  Please read the Participant Handbook for detailed information about being a participant at Healing Reins.  Participant Handbook-2015.pdf  and Session 3 2015-Registration.pdf

Second, return the fully completed forms to HRTRC via mail, fax or email with a $30.00 Registration fee.

Third, Polly Cohen, Program Director will contact you to set up an orientation at the barn. *Orientations are twenty minutes long and include both an office visit and a brief tour of the facility where you will meet one of the horses. $30.00 Registration fee is due at orientation.  Potential program participants do not ride at this time.  During the orientation we will work together to decide which program is most appropriate, ensure that there are no contraindications to participation and discuss your goals. Following a successful orientation and the determination that services can safely be provided you or your rider is then eligible to enroll in HRTRC's upcoming sessions.

Session ​3, 2015 Registration deadline for Current riders is June 1st.

Session 3, 2015 Registration Deadline for New riders is June 15th.

 Session 3 2015-Registration.pdf

Additional Information:

HR Scholarship Application-2015.pdf


Session 1: 1/5-3/14 (10 weeks)

Session 2: 3/30-6/13 (10 weeks)

Session 3: 7/6-8/29 (8 weeks)

Session 4: 9/14-12/19 (12 weeks)