Freestyle Riding

The art and sport of gymnastics on horseback

Learn a new skill and enjoy a unique activity geared towards all fitness levels…. learn to ride Freestyle!

Freestyle Riding is an out-of-the ordinary way to express yourself while building trust and friendships in a safe and supportive learning environment. No previous riding experience is necessary, just a willingness to learn and partner with others to create dynamic routines that are fun and fabulous for participants and spectators alike!

Gymnastics on horseback is typically a competitive sport where participants perform a variety of judged exercises on the horse as it moves in a circle. Freestyle Riding at Healing Reins offers the vaulting expertise, curriculum, the horses and equipment to learn every aspect of this sport while also adapting the competitive model to embrace all types of learners. Freestyle Riding is all-inclusive and participants of all ages can experiment and enjoy its benefits and challenges.

Freestyle students work and play together as they learn the six fundamental, compulsory exercises that competitive “vaulters” perform. Set to music, this is an engaging and instructional series of lessons designed to stimulate imagination, balance, strength and flexibility.

Physically: Freestyle becomes a part of each individual participant’s physical development and growth.

Cognitively: Everyone’s input is important, and Freestylers build and expand cognitive processes to come up with some pretty interesting ideas for new moves.

Socially: Freestyle is all about building team and working together to create an effect and outcome. Anything is possible in Freestyle and, it’s just plain fun!

* Soft soled, flexible shoes are required. Stretch yoga type pant, cotton opaque leggings and/or athletic pants recommended.