Adaptive Carriage Driving

Adaptive Carriage driving is a fast-growing sport and is becoming increasingly recognized for its therapeutic value. Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) Centers can use driving as a means to offer students with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities the rewards of interacting with a horse or pony while driving from a carriage. Using a horse and carriage gives participants an alternative to riding; opening up the world of horses to those who may be unable to ride due to weight, balance, physical limitations, fear of heights or other issues.

Adaptive Carriage Driving offers a unique set of skills and benefits, by providing the student with a distinct range of movements and a vast set of motor-sensory experiences. Adaptive Carriage Driving is about imparting knowledge of safety, horses, harnessing and driving skills to children and adults. Teamwork is the key as it requires 3-5 volunteers per driving client! As with riding, there are precautions to driving so please contact Polly Cohen, Program Director, for further information.