Triple Crown

“Bet” on Echo
Echo has raised $25

Echo is quite a looker! With hair like that, no wonder her nickname is “Barbie Horse.” Echo joined us in August 2018 and is finding her niche here in our program. Echo loves the attention she gets from her volunteers and riders alike, especially when her special forelock is braided before class (both for fashion and function).

Echo is always aware of her rider and is responsive to groundwork and riding aides—although she can be spicy sometimes. Echo is a great teacher of patience!

Anvia H., Instructor

My name is Jenna and I have been riding at Healing Reins for almost 14 years. I am 4-feet 2-inches tall and I have many health disabilities, along with anxiety and mental issues. Riding at Healing Reins has helped me more than anyone could imagine, and it lets me be around animals who I adore. Healing Reins has helped me become stronger and more mature by working with me and letting the horses teach me lifelong lessons.

Riding so many different horses—and years of experience—has helped me to work with new horses and transfer skills to individual horses. Echo is a Chestnut Haflinger who looks like My Little Pony because of her long forelock which has to be braided before her session, so that she can see out of her eyes. She is a sweet, timid girl who just needs help knowing which direction to go or what we are asking of her. She and I are good for one another, because we help each other with not being scared and knowing how to go in the right direction. That’s what I love about being out at Healing Reins—being able to work with these sweet horses who know what we’ve been through and teach us lessons that help us for life.

Jenna C., Rider