Triple Crown

“Bet” on Jingo
Jingo has raised $150

Our daughter, Kelsey, has been a rider at Healing Reins for more than 10 years. She started in Hippotherapy, and now enjoys Therapeutic Riding with her instructor Elese, her volunteer Patti, and her horse Jingo. Kelsey has Cerebral Palsy coupled with a rare genetic condition called episodic ataxia that greatly compromises her strength, balance, and coordination. We are 100% sure that Kelsey’s Healing Reins therapy led to her walking earlier in life than she otherwise would have. Kelsey and Jingo share such a strong bond. He brings so much joy to Kelsey and we are so thankful for him. For Christmas, Kelsey’s Great Aunt and two Great Uncles hired a local artist to come to Healing Reins during her lesson, take photos of her and Jingo, then create a watercolor of them. It now hangs in our home, so Jingo is ever present in our lives. Thank you for supporting scholarships at Healing Reins in response to Kelsey and Jingo and their special connection.

Jenny B., Kelsey’s mom

There are many words to describe Jingo’s personality, but I think the best is that he’s the most intuitive horse I’ve ever met. He knows exactly the kind of rider that is on his back. For example, when I put my 4-year old cousin on him, he walked so gentle. If he felt her lose her balance, he would adjust himself to keep her safe and comfortable. Now, she is a teenager who is a more experienced rider, and he treats her as such.

Jingo is solid as a rock. It is hard to faze that guy. On trail rides, when we had to cross water and other horses were refusing to cross, Jingo would wade right through (after a drink and some splashing). When he was on a drill team, even loud music, waving flags, crazy costumes (once he had a cowboy hat strapped on his head) and horses running every which way, he wasn’t fazed at all. In fact, he and I were selected to carry the Bend Senior High School flag on the equestrian team.

I love that boy and he will always be my Baby!

Kaitlin C., Jingo’s mom