Triple Crown

“Bet” on Kitty
Kitty has raised $200

In 2007, while working at a horse rescue farm, I suffered a spinal cord injury when a water tank fell on me. This left me a paraplegic, but it did not stop my love for being around horses and farm life. I now volunteer at Healing Reins, grooming both new and seasoned horses in order to familiarize them with someone in a wheelchair.

Each horse has its own personality. Kitty, a large Paint mare, always keeps one eye on me, turning her head to make sure I’m doing my job right. Elvis is a very furry, dark brown mini horse who will sink his muzzle into my gloved hand and leave it there as long as he can.

Grooming at Healing Reins every Wednesday is one of the best days of my week. It gives me joy, happiness, and friendships of both the 4-footed and the 2-footed variety.

Justin G., Volunteer

Kitty has been my horse since she was born. She is 21-years old and still looks fabulous. She is, and always will be, the alpha in the herd. She is the chuck wagon caller, the first to let everyone know early in the morning that she and her fellow horse friends would like to be fed. Kitty is smart and loving, she cares about the people in her life, and she loves her volunteers and taking care of her riders.

Her lineage is straight out of Mr. J Bar who was inducted into the American Paint Horse Association – Hall of Fame in 2012. He is in all the Paint Horse Legend Books with beautiful pictures. Kitty’s grandmother was one of the first mares to get a registered number with the American Paint Horse Association.

Kitty has found a good life that she loves at Healing Reins and I am very happy for that.

Becky R., Kitty’s Owner