Triple Crown

“Bet” on Maleah

My husband and I had been retired for a year. I had worked all my adult life, and we had such dreams and plans for retirement. At 1:30 one morning, I woke and couldn’t lift the sheet with my right arm. I fell back to sleep. By 6:30 a.m., the stroke had become major, paralyzing my right side. I lived, but wished I hadn’t. I had to be taught to talk, walk, feed myself and shower. The things we take for granted!

Among my many blessings these past years has been my therapeutic horse, Maleah. She’s helping me to rebuild core muscles, to improve balance, and most recently to ride without the brace on my right leg. Your support makes a difference in lives like mine. I wish you could see the smiles that happen because of donors like you. Thank you!

Jeanine S., Rider

Maleah is calm, well trained and has a good sense of humor where humans are concerned.

Once, she and I were attacked by dogs while riding in the BLM.  Maleah did everything she could to defend me and keep me safe.  She was then, and is now, my hero.

Dorothy F., Maleah’s Owner