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Raz allows his riders to enter a different world; one filled with visions of castles and queens. With his royal bearing and majestic movement, Raz brings to life the dream of riding a court steed.

A 4-year old in a Hippotherapy class, who has ground lessons with Elvis the pony,  likes to watch Raz be ridden. He refers to Raz as a King’s horse that he will ride someday. He’s named his little pink unicorn toy after Raz.

A 12-year old rider likes to pretend he’s a knight. He and his brother set up play jousting sessions during their lessons. Raz rises to the occasion:  A responsive mount ready for his rider’s every instruction. The boys escape into the joy of the moment, which allows them a reprieve from the reality of a parent in the final stages of a terminal disease.

Jenny C., Instructor

We bought Raz when he was 6-years old from a farm in Washington. We later learned he had been born in Bend on Fryrear Road. His beautiful dapple-grey markings reminded me of the pony, Merrylegs, in Black Beauty. Of course as Raz aged, he became the white horse we love today.

I knew Raz was special when one time, on the Pacific Crest Trail, he got his hoof caught in a rocky area and he calmly let my husband get off and free his foot. Another time when we were building a fence, he grabbed the thin string we were using to measure the height—which we had taken great pains to have perfectly level—and gaily ran across his pasture griping it with his teeth. I swear he had a horsey smile on his face!

Raz’s calm and gentle demeanor helped me build the confidence I needed to resume my love of riding horses. Whenever we had children visit, we could always trust our gentle giant to be calm and friendly. We’re happy that Raz receives such love and attention at Healing Reins. We miss him every day, but are so glad he has an excellent home while we are retired and traveling. Please vote for our wonderful boy!

Kate and Dean B., Raz’s Owners