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Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) is one of the most amazing therapeutic modalities I have practiced. Horses become my co-facilitators, helping me to see the bodily-felt experience of a client’s story. Horses have a natural ability to read the vital signs of others. Many horses reflect the emotions one might bring to the clinical session, while others lower their heart rates to support a sense of calm for the client. They become partners, supporters, teachers, and friends to clients. Horses are always in the present moment, authentic and forgiving.

This supports humans in learning to do the same for themselves and those around them. Some clients need the sensory experience; others need the compassion. For many, working with horses is a chance to build confidence, experience empathy, set boundaries, and be held and supported.

I am so blessed to witness, reflect, and support clients in gaining connection to horses. I whole-heartedly believe it is one of the most powerful and insightful forms of therapy one can experience.

Lisa Bradley, MA, R-DMT, LPC Intern,  MovingStrides.com

What a lovely little dude! Tino joined us this past fall and he has molded himself into a wonderful therapeutic horse. Tino is very versatile, steady, attentive to his people, and he just wants to please. My favorite experience with him so far is when one of our little kiddos thought Tino’s nostrils were super interesting. She grabbed them and started wiggling her hands around, and Tino just stood there like a perfect gentleman, loving every second of the attention.

Anvia H., Instructor