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In Good Company

Photographic print on canvas

By Jess Lydon

16.5 x 24 inches

$500 ($300 of which will be a donation to Healing Reins)

Photographer JESS LYDON’s uncle taught her to appreciate black and white photography at a young age. Jess is motivated to look beyond the “big picture” to capture small, ordinary moments that can be shared with others. Jess notes, “I feel lucky, being able to share how I see the world through the lens of my camera. I photograph all subjects in all settings, focusing on candid shots where the subjects don’t know that I’m taking their photo.”

Jess is an Instructor and Equine Specialist at Healing Reins. She chose her two images that are on exhibit because they show horses as more than just majestic and noble creatures—they are caring and loving, and seek comfort from their friends.