Mental Health Services at Healing Reins  

Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center partners with Juniper Mountain Counseling to provide mental health services that include horses and the farm environment. 

Including horses in mental health counseling, psychotherapy, or social work is emerging as an effective experiential treatment technique. Clients get “outside of four walls” and experience the connection between themselves, horses, and the natural world.

The horse's sensitivity to subtle changes in their environment make them perfect partners for those seeking to improve their mental health. Due to their sensitivity, horses react and respond to people differently based upon the person's emotional state,  providing the client and the mental health professional with information regarding the client's moods and changes within those moods. If a client arrives anxious the horse will act and respond one way. If the client is able to reduce his or her anxiety, the horse's behaviors will also change. This provides a plethora of information and skill building opportunities for both the client and the mental health professional.

At Healing Reins, mental health professionals use equine-assisted mental health and farm-based activities as therapeutic techniques to address a wide range of goals and client needs. Clients that can benefit from this type of counseling include adults, teens, children, families, veterans, service members and more.