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Breed: Norwegian Fjord

Color: Dun

Born: 1997

Owned by Grace and Tim Deboodt
At Healing Reins since: 2012

Sponsored by: Century Insurance Group.

Aesir brings not only his strength, stamina, and high work ethic to Healing Reins, but also his big heart and good nature.  Aesir is an active horse, and his movement provides a perfect “dynamic platform” for clients in need of muscle activation and sensory input and integration

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Breed: Norwegian Fjord

Color: Dun

Born: 1991

Owned by Maggie McLaughlin

At Healing Reins since: 2008

Sponsored by: Dr. Barbara Newman

Axel is strong, committed, and eager to serve, “Grandfather” Axel’s loving nature and small but sturdy build make him particularly well suited to working with children in our physical, occupational, and speech and language program (Hippotherapy)

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Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse

Color: Bay

Born: 2003

Owned by: Todd Kane & Nathan Braun

At Healing Reins since: 2019

Sponsored by: Greg Boesel

At 17 hands tall, Dakota is the king of the herd…but don’t let his massive size fool you. Dakota is a sensitive, patient, gentle giant who wants nothing more than to please his person! He is always game to try new things but is extremely careful with his often fragile riders. Dakota is gaited and his big, smooth, ambling movement makes him one of our most comfortable rides.

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Breed: Haflinger

Color: Chestnut

Owned by Leah Bishop

At Healing Reins since: 2018

Sponsored by:  Claudia Barnes

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Breed: Hackney/Welsh

Color: Smokey Buckskin

Born: 2003

Owned by Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center

At Healing Reins since 2017

Sponsored by: Ted & Madeline Ford

Elvis is our hard-working, super-friendly therapy pony has tons of charisma and star power. When not helping children through his skill-building activity blanket – custom made by a volunteer – Elvis serves as our Healing Reins equine ambassador.

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Breed: Norwegian Fjord

Color: Dun

Born: 1995

Owned by Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center

At Healing Reins since: 2011

Sponsored by: Bigfoot Beverages

Faith is a former OHSET champion.  Faith is now a go-to horse for teens from Rimrock Trails who are part of our Equine-Assisted Learning program.

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Sorrel

Born: 2016

At Healing Reins since 2019

Owned by Healing Reins

Sponsored by: Tom & Debra O’Shea

Fancie is a sweet little three-year-old Quarter Horse mare with a background in western style riding. She is very playful and loves people! Due to her small size and her attentiveness to her riders, she is a great “hippotherapy” horse (hippotherapy refers to the use of equine-movement as a treatment tool in physical, occupational, and speech and language therapy).

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Breed: Draft Cross

Color: Bay

Born: 2002

Owned by Elese Villoria

At Healing Reins since: 2018

Sponsored by: Republic Services

With his Mustang heritage, Hammer is an energetic and handsome horse known for providing positive feedback to his riders. He brings a stellar sense of pride, honed during his years as a jumper and show horse, to his work at Healing Reins. Because Hammer is a large and strong horse, he is particularly suited to work with teens whose high energy levels match his own.

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Breed: Haflinger

Color: Chestnut

Born: 1995

Owned by Chris Lowell and Katie Kessel

At Healing Reins since: 2014

Sponsored by: Brad and Lisa Bailey

Due to her good nature, exceptional stability, and compassionate service, Harmonie is well-loved by the staff, volunteers and riders at Healing Reins. She works equally well across all programs, but her intuitive sense of others’ emotional states makes her especially suited to our mental health and Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy programs

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Smokey Buckskin

Born:  1999

Owned by Kaitlin Campbell

At Healing Reins since: 2018

Sponsored by: Faith Run Farms

Jingo is kind and patient, steady and caring.  He is a smooth-walking, straight-talking former team champion with tons of heart and loads of humility.  Now the champion of Healing Reins, Jingo is a true compass in our mental health work with teens, who rely on his confidence to help build their own.

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Breed: Haflinger

Color: Chestnut

Born: 2003

Owned by Carla Will and Brylee Dickey

At Healing Reins since: 2018

Sponsored by: Angell Legacy Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Prior to her career at Healing Reins, Judy was a hunter/jumper in California who, due to her small size, was extremely effective at helping young riders learn how to jump. At Healing Reins, she has fast become known as a kind-hearted horse who is particularly attentive to riders. These two characteristics—Judy’s small stature and her temperament—make her especially suited for pediatric physical, occupational, and speech and language therapy services (often called Hippotherapy). Through this treatment method, Judy helps children who have challenges related to being born with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Down Syndrome, genetic disorders, and developmental delays.

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Breed: Paint

Color: Chestnut/White

Born: 1998

Owned by Jim and Becky Rozewski

At Healing Reins since: 2018

Sponsored by: Jim & Becky Rozewski

Kitty is a beautiful and kind horse.  Kitty attracts the attention of our visitors and has fast formed attachments to our riders and volunteers. Though independent and appreciative of her own quiet time and space, Kitty responds and attends to our wide variety of client needs. We’re thrilled to count Kitty as a member of our therapy horse herd!

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Buckskin

Born: 2001

Owned by Dorothy Forsyth

At Healing Reins since: 2012

Sponsored by: Jim and Pam Steinke

With her experience as a reining horse, Maleah is easy to steer and so is especially suited to working with individuals who have suffered a stroke. She is very responsive, even to those who can only ride one-handed. Her bouncy but rhythmic trot helps riders to learn and practice posting, which builds not only their strength, but also their confidence.

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Grey

Born: 2003

Owned by: Todd Kane & Nathan Braun

At Healing Reins since: 2019

Sponsored by: The Cofer Family

Max is big, beautiful, and known for his ability to connect with our teen and adult participants.  He is friendly and curious, always first to the gate, and his size, stature and steady gait make him the perfect partner for many of our larger riders. Max has seen many a trail mile in his lifetime, so his favorite part of the lesson is time on our Sensory Integration Trail.

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Chestnut

Born: 2000

Owned by Jeff and Dawn Curl

At Healing Reins since: 2018

Sponsored by: Peter Skrbek

QD is a solid Paint-bred Quarter Horse.  QD’s larger frame and stature make her a good fit for our sturdier teens and adults. Her easy-going nature and even temperament make her especially responsive to vulnerable youth in crisis who need safe and authentic connection, appropriate boundaries, and the calm that comes from being in the present moment.

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Breed: Kentucky Mountain Horse

Color: Gray

Born: 1999

Owned by Kate and Dean Bolinger

At Healing Reins since: 2018

Sponsored by: Brian & Linda Opdycke

Raz is one of the few gaited horses in our herd (gaited horses have been selectively bred to achieve smooth-to-ride, ambling gaits). As such, he enables our clients—particularly those who use wheelchairs—to experience a different kind of movement. Raz has a reputation as a very social horse. This serves him well in his work with groups of adolescents, teens and young adults from Rimrock Trails, Cascade Crest Transitions, and New Leaf Academy.

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Breed: Welsh Cross Pony

Color: Paint

Born: 2009

Owned by: Jordana Anawalt

At Healing Reins since: 2019

Sponsored by: Hands & Feet Charitable Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation

Sedona, affectionately known as “Donut” by our very young riders who can’t pronounce her name, is our adorable lead-line lesson pony.  Sedona loves her new job as a treatment partner, working with the itty bitties that come for physical and occupational therapy services.  She is sweet and kind and has beautiful ground manners, making her a favorite with all the volunteers.

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Breed: Paint

Color: Black and white

Born: 1997

Owned by JoAnne and Tom Weinmann

At Healing Reins since: 2016

Sponsored by: Lou and Betty Capozzi

Smokey is all about reliability, adaptability, and versatility. This, combined with his constant good nature and strong work ethic, make him a cornerstone of our herd.

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Breed: Morgan

Color: Bay

Born: 2003

Owned by Lynae Ireland

At Healing Reins since: 2018

Sponsored by: Ed & Beth Irish

Tino is a sweet and friendly gelding who is extremely careful with his riders.  He is curious about everything and willing to try anything asked of him. He is a small horse with big, smooth movement and is one of our most versatile program horses. When not hanging out in his pasture with his buddy, Hammer, he can be found in your pocket.

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Breed: Quarter Horse/Paint Cross

Color: Tobiano

Born: 2003

Owned by: Todd Kane & Nathan Braun

At Healing Reins since: 2019

Sponsored by: Gail Hongladarom & Nuan Crowder

Tobias is a former Western show horse who collected his fair share of blue ribbons.  His experience in all kinds of arenas and on the trail make him particularly adaptable and well-mannered.  Tobias is quiet, calm and considerate of his riders and volunteers. His big build and strong work ethic makes him one of our most versatile new program horses.

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Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Dun

Born: 1994

Owned by Christina Bates

At Healing Reins since: 2007

Sponsored by: Bill and Gila Taylor

Toby is one of the longest-serving members of our herd, having been with Healing Reins for 11 years. He is known for his smooth movement, relaxed nature, and his ability to put at ease clients who are fearful or anxious. Toby loves his work at Healing Reins and as of yet, he refuses to retire.

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