Recreational Horsemanship

At Healing Reins, we believe that horses are uniquely powerful and that the skills and relationships we build with them are life-changing.

We’ve seen the power of horsemanship in the lives of our therapeutic participants, our staff, and our volunteers. We firmly believe that this recreational horsemanship service is a way to offer this unique relationship to our community in broader ways, and we are so honored to share it. Our talented staff, well-trained herd, and welcoming barn environment make Recreational Horsemanship a wonderful horseback-riding option for both adults and youth in Central Oregon.

Recreational Horsemanship classes are offered as a 1 hour-long class per week. Beginner participants work with their instructor to establish a solid foundation in basic horsemanship skills, learning everything from horse safety to groundwork to riding, while more advanced participants are coached to fine-tune their horsemanship skills. The safe, comfortable, and easy-going atmosphere of the Healing Reins barn allows participants to learn at their own pace without feeling rushed or pressured.

We have classes available for every level and accept participants as young as 6 years old.  In addition, your tuition helps to fund scholarships for our Therapeutic Horsemanship participants, creating even more space for hope and growth at Healing Reins. 

Recreational Horsemanship Application Form