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Sunrise Magic—The Gift of Freedom

Acrylic on canvas, framed

By Jean Nave

27.5 x 21.5 inches

$295 ($177 of which will be a donation to Healing Reins)

Jean drew from her deep understanding of the human/animal bond, and from memories of her childhood dreams and longings, to create this magical piece of a young girl and her winged horse soaring free and unencumbered above the Cascade Peaks. Note that the horse’s body and wings are detailed in metallic paint. Jean hopes that this piece will make its way to a young girl who loves horses.

About the artist:

JEAN NAVE learned woodcarving from her father and drawing and painting from her mother, both of whom earned their living from their artistic skills. Jean grew up in the west and had her own horse at five years of age. Horses, dogs and native animals of the west are her preferred subjects.

Because of a close relationship Jean had with a Lakota Native American when she was young, Jean has always felt like kin to America’s native people and their culture, thus their influence on her art.

Today, with retirement allowing her return to art, Jean paints, carves wood, creates pine needle baskets and writes and illustrates children’s books and other books. She regularly contributes to the Sisters Library and Black Butte Ranch art shows and she loves undertaking custom work for individuals.