Therapeutic Horsemanship

Therapeutic Horsemanship is a powerful outlet for children, teenagers and adults with a wide variety of cognitive, emotional, physical and developmental challenges, from autism to PTSD, depression to cerebral palsy, and everything in between. Our PATH I'ntl certified instructor staff is well-equipped to help all individuals gain success and feel supported in our Therapeutic Horsemanship classes, regardless of background or prior experience.

Lesson plans are tailored to meet the physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioral needs of the individual participant, with individual progress documented weekly. All participants are supported by trained volunteers who are an important part of the learning team. Our services are designed to help create a therapeutic environment for all participants, and to create a movement towards health and wholeness that lasts long past their class-time each week.

Social interaction, building relationships, and participation in group activities are all part of the therapeutic process. Through the movement of the horse, participants strengthen fine and gross motor skill development, core strength, muscle tone, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Through partnership with our dedicated volunteers and horses, participants gain confidence, trust, and emotional honesty, while improving communication and social skills.  Through appropriate sensory input, participants gain decision-making, problem-solving, task-sequencing, and critical thinking skills.

At Healing Reins, we know that horses heal each one of us in different ways - we see it happen every day. We celebrate every victory with our participants and we treat each individual with dignity and respect. We are passionate about the power of horsemanship in every situation and we would love to answer any questions you may have about our services and expertise.

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